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Well, I finally did it!  My web page is up and running. Not too bad for an old Gramma. I am sure my little grandchildren would have figured this out a lot quicker than me.

Hello and a big welcome to Gramma D's blog. My name is Denise, Gramma D to my grandsons, so why not?  I am hoping to tell keep this blog filled with stories, mostly the funny and cute things my grandsons say, places my boyfriend Bill and I enjoy traveling to, ideas and inspirations that lead me to make the things I do, all the other things I enjoy such as  baking, dancing and photography and some behind the scenes look at what I do and so much more.

Now is your chance to check out my web page and let me know how I did.  Scan the code below or go to Grammadmadeit4me.com. Don't forget to sign up to be a Gramma D VIP!!!

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  • Hello Denise congratulations on your page looking to see if I can get matching booties made for me and Brooklynn

    Shawn Cantle on

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